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Gogodigital Cookie Consent for Wordpress

Gogodigital Cookie Consent is a Wordpress Plugin to add Cookie Consent script to your Website: Cookie Consent is a wonderful script, that you can find here, allows to show a warning for cookie policy.

As the script from, also the plugin is very simple to use; you can configure the following parameters:


The theme you wish to use. Can be any of the themes from the select
  • Dark => Bottom, Floating and Top
  • Light => Bottom, Floating and Top
Default: ‘dark-bottom’


The message shown by the plugin.
Default: ‘This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website’


The text used on the dismiss button.
Default: ‘Got it!’


The text shown on the link to the cookie policy (requires the link option to also be set)
Default: ‘More info’


The url of your cookie policy. If it’s set to null, the link is hidden.
Default: null

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