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Gogodigital Paypal Donation


With this module for Joomla, translated into English and Italian languages, you will receive donations on your website using the popular PayPal online payment system.

Unlike many other modules in the Joomla Extensions Directory, is developed entirely in PHP, without the use of Javascript, a stratagem that allows you to publish multiple modules within the same page without any annoying errors.

Module Configuration

Install / update the module with the default installation panel of Joomla

Gogodigital PayPal Donation - BackEnd Setup

In the back end of the module you need to set few simple parameters:

Paypal Account
replace name[@]domain.ext with email reference of your PayPal account

Logo's language
in what language should display the logo (for example en_GB for English or it_IT for Italian)

Donation Description
insert in this parameter the header of the donation that is displayed in the notification payment

Donation Currency
select which currency to use for the donation (for example USD for Dollar or EUR for Euro)

Default Donation Amount
select ON if you want to set a default payment, otherwise OFF

Donation Amount
if you have chosen to set the value of the donation, insert here the desired amount

HTML before Paypal's Logo
insert HTML code to show before Paypal's Logo

HTML after Paypal's Logo
insert HTML code to show after Paypal's Logo

Suffisso classe del modulo
assign the class name that you want give to the module

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